Content is coming!

content_is_comingContent is important. Content is valuable. Content is king.

You are probably already sick of hearing about it – especially if you are poking around in the SEO world. Yet the many meanings of this term do not diminish its importance. On the contrary – according to a study on ranking factors (2015) by Searchmetrics Inc., a holistic approach with relevant and understandable content has won even more in importance. Search engines are orienting themselves even more toward the actual and suggested behavior of users. In 2015, the busy web bees created HTML documents containing even more understandable content in greater quantities, from which the user actual does benefit when all is said and done.
One really could say that content has stolen the SEO show this past year. But who was the star of the SEO show in the past years then?
2012 and 2013 were the years of the social signals. Facebook and Twitter signals correlated enormously. Everyone was sharing, liking, and commenting. Together with on-page techniques, these platforms have since become the building blocks for the foundation of SEO. In 2014, backlinks were in the limelight. Of course, current trends are not leading to a complete disuse of other factors. Backlinks are still considered to be one of the most important factors for search engine optimization. This being said, “backlink spammers” be aware – the quality of the links is also growing in importance and the age where websites could just be plastered full of irrelevant links to gain a good ranking has become extinct. Brand names have earned a special status since Google reserves the best positions for “famous brands”. Yet the relevance of this criterion has remained relatively constant. Content is the only SEO factor that has not had to admit defeat. It’s hard to say what lies ahead in its future – but it will not lose the relevance it has earned so far.

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