First place ranking for multiple search terms!

We were able to get a number 1 position from Google for our customer Flagstone for not only the keyword “luxusbäder” (or luxury baths) but also for many other search terms! Their website has a variety of keywords chosen speficially to their company’s needs – because of this, it can celebrate it’s top ranking!

Flagstone, located in downtown Hamburg, designs, plans, and implements exclusive luxury bathrooms using designer brands, such as Antonio Lupi, that are not only aesthetically-pleasing but also highly functional. Flagstone completely redesigned its internet presence and implemented its re-launch on Dec. 1, 2012. We here at effektor are now continuing their SEO campaign and have taken great care to ensure that the website has not lost ranking in the search engines despite its redesign. We made the necessary provisions (no problem at all!) to keep the ranking from falling for this re-launched website, something that anyone claiming to be a SEO expert should know how to do!

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