How to be found on Google

Take a search query by someone like you for “how to be found on Google” – this alone produces over 14 billion search results!


In our internet dependent society today, with a seemingly unlimited number of searches done daily, it’s not enough to just have a website anymore, you need to actually be able to be found! The average consumer is relying more and more on the internet to find service partners, stores, and products, saving miles in footwork and hours of valuable time. Even if your business has a website, if it does not appear in search results, your potential customers will not be able to find you – although they are trying! – and you will lose business to your online-savvy competitors. If you are serious about being found on Google, which has an over 65% market share for searches, and other popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing, don’t despair – there are several different ways to stand out online above the rest.

What does it mean to be found on Google?

It’s probably not what you think!


Appearing in search results does not necessarily mean that you will actually be found by potential customers looking for what you are offering, which is the main goal of having a website in the first place. Many believe that appearing in the top 20 or even on the first page of search results is good enough for a customer to not only see your website in the results but to actually follow the link and visit your site, but this is not true! Over 80% of Google users decide which result to click on from the first five results in a search query! If they are not satisfied, they do a new and more detailed search.
And even in the top 5, an increase in your ranking (or position) from 5th to 3rd, for example, can more than double the number of visitors to your website, which could do wonders for your business – this means that you can be found on Google by even more potential customers!

Online marketing strategies to increase your Google findability

Google AdWords

This is a paid service provided by Google which allows your website to appear at the top of or to the right of the “normal” search results for a given search term or phrase. Those who have used AdWords before know that it can be costly, and your website still will not appear in the organic results, and sometimes even not right away in the advertising section, depending on the competitiveness of your keywords. The ultimate goal is to be found on Google using it’s own prescribed and published SEO policies.


Search Engine Optimization

This is what we do (and how you found us)!

A high ranking with Google and other search engines does not happen magically or through tricks – a search engine optimization (or SEO for short) campaign is the continual implementation of widely-accepted techniques. This can be divided into on-page optimization, focusing on error-free website coding, relevant content, meta tags, etc., and off-page optimization, focusing on creating a network of quality backlinks, social media, etc. This creates maximal traffic and power to your website from varied sources and optimizes the format of your own site – all of this specific to your personal needs and related industry.

Be found on Google with us!

We will develop an individual campaign suited to your wishes and desires to help you stand out among the millions of others competing to be found on Google by customers! Take a look around our site to learn more, or request more information and a free analysis today.

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