Our Philosophy

The internet has become the most important channel for communication, sales, and marketing in almost all sectors. Because of this, online marketing is the most important part of the marketing mix. effektor develops individualized online solutions for mid-sized businesses and is considered a full service agency in online marketing. effektor takes pride in functional design combined with technical competence. We place your individual desires and wishes in the foreground. Even past the completion of your project, we aid you in every step – your success is important to us! Through professional project management and quality control, we make sure that your project stays on schedule and is implemented successfully. Since we are constantly reachable and react quickly, we ensure that your online solution stays up-to-date. We take care of that for you! This allows you to concentrate on your area of specialty. A clear win-win situation for both sides!

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Definition: Ef|fek|tor;

An effector organ (ex. a muscle) or a nerve that directs a stimulus from the central nervous system to an organ, causing a “positive” reaction. This term also has an important meaning in modern technology. In robotics, for example, tools and other working bodies that are operated by programming to ensure “optimal” manipulation of a robot are called “effectors”.


Established in 2000

Although we established our roots in the area of classic marketing, we have since been constantly developing our range of services as well as our team qualifications further and further. This keeps us up-to-date in a (frenzied) digital age. Today, effektor develops individualized online and offline solutions for small and mid-sized companies. effektor takes pride in providing functional design, well-engineered strategies, and innovative ideas – all this combined with technical competence and excellent service.

And what can we do for you?

Thanks to our professional project management and quality control, we can ensure that your project stays on schedule and is implemented successfully. We are always available and have a quick response time, guaranteeing that your online or offline solution stays up-to-date even after the project has been completed. We are happy to take care of this for you! You can then stay concentrated on your area of specialty. An obvious win-win situation! effektor considers our customers to be our partners since our customers’ success is our success!

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