Performance Marketing

In order to reach long-term strategic and short-term tactical goals, it is important to coordinate the number of processes that take place in a professional online marketing strategy perfectly. For this, an optimization of the procedures in every single step is just as important as optimizing the synchronization of these steps among themselves. The linking of mutually-dependent tasks with the number of often decentralized team members demands centralized process management to make online marketing work.



Initial Processes

Construction of a new website, planning a new online marketing channel, or introducing a project management system all belong to the initial processes that act as prerequisites for a particular approach. effektor has developed workshops that bring together all participants in a project, be they the customer or team members from the agency. This allows for the development of common goals, methods of implementation, and project responsibilities lasting for the entire length of the project, and supports the team building process.

Test Processes

Which startpage layout is responsible for bringing back the highest number of visitors? Which type of navigation leads to more orders? Will a video in a newsletter result in more entries onto a mailing list? Which subject lines result in the most clicks of a mass invitation via e-mail? Basically, it is possible to test any and all design and content elements of a communicational strategy. This is true for websites as well as landing pages, microsites, text ads in search engines, visual display ad materials, and newsletters. Through the use of A/B tests, changes in single elements are tested against each other. Multivariate testing checks the interplay of several different elements with one another. In both cases, traffic is split and the reaction of the groups to each means of communication is examined. It is important that no test takes places if a hypothesis has been formed ahead of time – this is the only way to generate legitimate results, especially in longer series of tests.

Analysis Processes & Tools

We do not begin taking any online marketing measures before an initial definition of the associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and of appropriate assessment tools needed together with you, which enables to you to also track all activities. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools are by far among the most well-known analytical tools in the world of online marketing. Among the leading tools for SEO analysis are Searchmetrics and Sistrixs. For social media analysis, we use tools such as CleverReach or MailChimp. We use Dotmailer or MarketTrag for e-mail marketing campaigns, which is generally highly-personalized. A complete integration of the latter is possible only through Google Analytics. We perform multi-channel tracking and Customer Journey Mapping with Refined Ads or intelliAd. If TV spots are part of your marketing mix, it would also be possible to measure the impact of TV spots in your online communication channels and then to connect them to a multi-channel tracking project, for example via wywy.


Feeback Processes

It goes without saying that already-existent analog processes definitely need to be integrated into a digital marketing strategy. What can any additional work say about the quality of an established lead? Can data gathered about a potential customer really describe the person that has come across the company?
Which deviations need to be allowed for in upcoming campaigns in the future? What do customers think about the website? This type of information needs to be gathered and put to use in project management.

Technical Integrational Processes

Do you sell fashion items or steel products? The connection between the sales lead created, the follow-up of the lead within a company, and the completion of all products available on for purchase offline is often missing. Occasionally, months of valuable time and non-cohesive systems lie in between. Thus it is often difficult to determine how much the lead actually helped and how/if the online marketing measures need to be changed accordingly.
Test and analysis processes are often not linked to one another on a single platform. It must be determined ahead of time where relevant data for multi-system evaluation and storage within a company needs to be compiled.


Optimization Processes

Generation of data from tests and analysis processes is a requirement for online marketing. However, this is still only the first step in the process of optimization. The most important part is the without a doubt the assessment of said data and the distribution of changes to be made.
The decision is often easy to make since it is obvious, for the most part, what the data means. On the other hand, it is not as easy as it may seem in all cases. In order to forego possible problems during an ongoing online marketing process, it is important to clear up which data is to be expected out of which processes and furthermore what reaction will be spurred by the results before the first steps are taken.


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