Tips and tricks for good Facebook marketing

Facebook_marketingEveryone is familiar with Facebook these days.
Facebook was released in 2004 by Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin and Mark Zuckerberg.

Back then, this huge social media giant of today was only intended to be a small network for college students. Today, this large social media platform reaches around the world and has an impressive 1.5 billion active users.
An optimal platform for exchange, planning, and liking.
This social media platform is also quite suitable for implementing marketing measures since advertisers can even live out their creativity there as well.
The social network offers several advantages that you will learn about later in this article. We will give you an understanding of the tips and tricks of Facebook marketing.
Is it even worth putting in the time to implement marketing steps on Facebook? Of course!
Yet this is not as easy as it seems. Strategic concepts and creative thinking are also required for this.
Interesting facts for marketers:

•    73 percent of users say that Facebook is the most important social network for marketing a company
•    61 percent of companies use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy
•    There are currently 50 million Facebook pages – 40 million of these are company pages
•    According to Facebook, there has been a 25 percent increase in active marketers since February 2015. In the meantime, 2.5 million use this social network.
Recommendations for successful marketing for the world’s largest social network:
By implementing these tips and tricks, advertisers should be able to secure a competitive advantage through Facebook marketing, without the need to spend more money.
1.    Companies should make sure that their page is listed under the „Local Business“ category and that a valid address is visible.
2.    Advertiser should make a so-called “interest list”.
3.    „Call-to-Action Buttons“ should be built into the page. By use of these buttons, the company can direct Facebook users anywhere they want.
4.    Advertisers should use an analysis tool to gather Facebook “topic data” to see which topics their customers are talking about.
5.    Tools for answering user comments on a Facebook page can also be of great use.
6.    A further helpful tool is „Audience Insights“. By using this, companies can gain a typical profile of their target group users.
7.    For those who want to do video advertising, keep in mind that the story that is behind the video needs to be adapted for your target group. The first few seconds of the video need to be chosen very carefully and should stay focused on telling your story.
8.    Use only high-quality content: this means content that your target group can learn from, share, and interact with.
9.    Companies need to give the users a reason to visit the page time and time again. For example, giveaways or exclusive offers and rebates can be posted, only to be deleted a few hours later.
10.    If a company has accounts with other social networks, these can be integrated onto their Facebook page.
11.    Posting needs to be done outside of the main posting hours, at best in the evenings between 10pm and 3am.
12.    Companies should ask their users questions and share extras like „behind the scenes” content.
13.    Facebook pages and posts are rated according to their relevance: page relevance depends upon what feedback is expected from the target group by the social network to the posted advertising.

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